Food Production Job Vacancies

Food production is a massively important job. Most of us don’t think twice about where our food comes from – we just go to the supermarket and expect it to be there. Behind the scenes, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people in the food production chain working hard to ensure that this happens efficiently.

There are numerous jobs that are all of vital importance in the food production industry, including:

  • Production Line Worker
  • Food Packer
  • Food technologist
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Machine Operator
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Shift Manager

We’re looking for new recruits for food production jobs in Bolton and Manchester all the time. Whether you want temp food production work or something that’s more permanent, please contact us.

GLAA Licensed (GLAA licence holder number: LABO018)

The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (or GLAA for short), are a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) who are governed by an independent Board. As a GLAA licenced companywe ensure all compliance in this field for all clients and candidates.


food production

How the licensing scheme works

The GLAA check that labour providers are fit to hold a licence and that tax, National Insurance, and VAT regulations are all met.

Benefits to workers of our GLAA licensing

  • Fair treatment
  • The pay, benefits, and conditions that you are entitled to, by law
  • Industry standards are raised as a whole

What it means for us as a business

  • We don’t get undercut by those who illegally pay less than the minimum wage or avoid tax. 
  • We check that our workers have the correct right to work documents
  • Consumers get the peace of mind that their produce has been picked and packed in an ethical environment.
Manufacturing worker

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