How To Hire Seasonal Staff

28 June 2023

How To Hire Seasonal Staff

During busy trading periods, like the summer season, hiring seasonal staff can greatly help your business’s flexibility and ability to meet customer demand effectively.

To avoid unfilled or inadequately filled positions, allocate plenty of time for hiring additional staff, especially seasonal staff. This proactive approach is especially important in sectors facing challenges in filling job openings, such as catering and warehousing.

Why hire seasonal staff?

When it comes to hiring seasonal staff, there are plenty of reasons and advantages for employers to consider.

Meet peak trading demands in your industry

Seasonal staff provide businesses with the necessary workforce during busier periods, ensuring increased workload can be effectively managed and allowing sufficient scaling to meet customer demands and maintain high standards of service.

Avoid overstaffing during low seasons when demand decreases

In contrast, seasonal staff ensures that you aren’t overstaffed when demand eventually decreases during your low periods, and you’re not paying too much in employee overhead.

Provide temporary staffing challenges

Seasonal staff fill the gaps when existing employees are away for sickness, maternity, or holiday, preventing disruption, minimising impact on operations and allowing consistent flexibility.

How do seasonal contracts work?

In this type of contract, employees are not guaranteed a fixed number of hours by the employer. They are compensated only for the hours they actually work, providing the employer with increased flexibility during periods of reduced workload or unpredictable work volumes.

Once the seasonal period ends for the staff member, the contract is typically terminated, and their responsibilities come to an end – unless they are rehired.

How to hire temporary staff during your busiest periods

Write a job description for seasonal / temporary roles

Crafting an effective job description will help you get your successful hire. Here are some key points to include:

How can I attract the best seasonal staff?

To attract top-notch seasonal talent, start your hiring process early to ensure a more seamless onboarding experience. Late in the season, it becomes more challenging to find talent as seasonal employees apply to multiple companies.

During the interview period, filter out candidates who may not align with your company culture by asking insightful interview questions such as time commitments or any scheduling restrictions they may have.

It’s also important to allocate sufficient time to onboard seasonal employees and offer comprehensive job training. This thorough preparation will minimise issues during the season and keep your seasonal staff engaged.

Where can I find seasonal staff?

To find the best seasonal talent, you have a wealth of resources at your disposal, including:

Retaining seasonal staff

It’s one thing to hire your seasonal staff, but if you want to retain them for the length of their contract, you want to make sure the environment and culture is ideal. This can be done in several ways:

Consider the end of contracts with seasonal staff

To ensure a smooth transition and optimise future hiring, consider the following when concluding a busy season with seasonal staff:

By hiring seasonal employees, you can effectively manage operations and deliver excellent customer service during peak months without the need for excessive permanent staff.

Looking for a staffing agency to help fill seasonal vacancies?

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