10 tips for creating highly effective job descriptions

22 May 2023

Job Description

Crafting irresistible job descriptions is key to attracting top talent and attracting the right talent is crucial for successful hiring. An effective, engaging, and inclusive job description plays a key role in this process. By investing some initial effort, you can create a job description that appeals to a wide range of highly talented candidates and avoids turning off potential applicants before they even apply.

In addition to the standard role description and required skills and experience, recruiters and hiring managers should prioritise highlighting the company’s culture, mission, and values to avoid making inappropriate hires.

Here’s how you can achieve it.

Choosing the right job title

While unique job titles can be fun and reflect a laid-back culture, they can negatively impact your job listings if candidates lack a cultural frame of reference. Most job seekers search for roles that match their skills and experience.

While creativity can make your job title stand out, it’s essential not to become so esoteric that you miss out on candidates searching for the same role under a different name.

To ensure your company and open vacancies are discoverable, it’s vital to use language that aligns with industry standards. For instance, if the commonly used term is “account manager” but your company refers to it as a “client relationship manager,” you risk missing out on qualified candidates who search for the more prevalent term.

Strike a balance between creativity and industry familiarity when crafting job titles to attract the right candidates and maximise your talent pool.

Begin with a Concise and Captivating Job Overview

Start your job description with a concise and captivating overview that provides a clear description of the job’s primary function and its contribution to the broader objectives of the company. Highlight not only the importance of the role to the organisation but also its impact on society as a whole. Consider how the position can make a positive difference in people’s lives or address existing business or social challenges.

By addressing the question of how the role contributes to improving lives or solving problems, you can create a compelling narrative that attracts candidates. Using invitational language, such as “Join a creative team dedicated to…” can be particularly effective in conveying the appealing aspects of the role.

Emphasise the Importance of Company Culture

When it comes to recruitment, culture holds immense importance. Candidates often ask themselves, “Will I be a good fit and truly enjoy working there?” Hence, it is critical to incorporate elements of your company culture throughout the job description.

Whether it’s an on-site gym, free food, flexible schedules, remote work opportunities, or enjoyable Friday happy hours, make sure to spotlight these enticing aspects in the job description.

Cultural fit is equally significant for both employees and employers, if not more so, compared to technical skills and experience. A poor cultural fit can lead to financial costs and decreased productivity, while a lack of alignment and employee engagement contributes to higher turnover rates. Therefore, getting cultural fit right is crucial to success.

Encourage Interactivity and Innovation

Job seekers invest a considerable amount of time reviewing job descriptions, making it essential to captivate their attention and pique their interest.

Reading through numerous job descriptions can become tedious for candidates. To make yours more engaging, consider incorporating features like video cover letter submissions or including videos featuring the hiring manager or potential colleagues discussing the job and expressing their enthusiasm for working at the company. These unique touches serve as major differentiators that attract candidates and leave a lasting impression.

By embracing creativity and innovation in your job descriptions, you offer a refreshing and memorable experience for candidates. They are more likely to take notice and be intrigued by the opportunity, setting your job listing apart from others in the competitive job market.

Prioritise Growth and Development in Job Responsibilities

Focus on describing the key job functions in five to seven concise bullets. You can also group related responsibilities under broader categories such as “Technical Skills,” “Management Skills,” or “Communication.”

Furthermore, it’s crucial to explain how the job aligns with the company’s objectives, the potential for advancement, and how candidates’ achievements can contribute to the company’s success.

To generate excitement, highlight the company’s role in industry transformation and how technology enables it. Illustrate how the company, the specific role, and the candidate’s skills and knowledge can foster their personal growth and development.

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